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Are you having trouble finding experienced talent for your software engineering project?

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Leverage our expertise in application and web development to help you get your projects completed on time and cost effectively.

Here are a few examples of projects we have completed:

Our staff built the back end software that supports a fitness bike with a virtual reality interface, allowing the software on the bikes to be remotely updated, remote scheduling and collection of diagnostics, handling the billing of users for premium features, tracking and reporting on user's usage and progress. This project used a range of technologies, Java Struts on Tomcat creating a user portal, Ruby on Rails for a backend server, MySQL database, PHP for administration pages, and C++ for the client software on the fitness bikes; A highly scalable and robust system.

Another product that our team designed was a video review server. We created technology to accept any video format upload and transform it to a server stored web "streamable" video. The video then could be commented on, tagged, and sent to other users of the system for review. The system was designed in Ruby on Rails, using a MySQL database, and specialized video conversion software tasks running on a UNIX based server.

Transfidelis includes a staff of seasoned developers and project managers to make sure your product is created and delivered on-time.

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