The Team

Keith Thompson


Keith Thompson - CEO


Keith has worked in the high tech field for over twenty five years and was named one of the Top 100 IT leaders in the year 2000 by Computerworld.  Keith has also worked for many startups, two of which went through to successful acquisitions (Airsoft and Sanlight) and has held engineering  management positions for Intel Corp, Shiva Corp and Packeteer.

In addition he was a contractor for NASA Ames for over 10 years.  During his tenure at NASA he received the Space Act award for his contributions to the mass storage system research and development being done by the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Division. He was also a member of the security team that developed the IT security policies for NASA Ames Research Center and responded to the continuous stream of computer system breaches in the late 80's and early 90's.

He brings ample expertise in large scale networking and security systems, as well as financial trading systems, order processing and back-end server setups.  Furthermore, Keith ran a small software development and consulting firm for 13 years with over 30 clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 and government.

Keith  holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from the Univeristy of Wisconsin, Madison.


Ginny Lee


Ginny Lee  - COO 


Ginny has worked in the high tech industry for over twenty years. Prior to Transfidelis Corporation, Ginny maintained a boutique law practice focused on intellectual property law and privacy law. As a registered patent attorney, she has consulted with start-ups in a variety of areas, such as internet software and wireless technologies. She has also worked on policy, regulatory and compliance issues for the Network Advertising Initiative, a coalition of the leading online marketing companies.
In addition to her legal experience, Ginny has held positions in engineering management, product management and technical support. Notable companies that Ginny has worked for include Shiva Corporation (acquired by Intel Corporation) and Agilient Technologies. Ginny has also provided services as an industry analyst covering the wireless, mobile software and telecommunications industries.
Ginny holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Maine, a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire, and a Juris Doctorate form the University of Maine School of Law. Ginny is also a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP).


Peter C. Peterson


Peter C. Peterson - CTO


Peter has been a member and innovator in the high tech industry for many years. His last effort at Expresso Fitness Corporation allowed him to create cutting edge application and server technology for the industry leader in interactive exercise equipment. Peter is always challenging himself to generate solutions for the most demanding problems facing the industry. He has also been a part of Maxtor Corporation (formally Quantum), one of the leading storage solutions in the world.

In addition to the technical expertise Peter brings to the team, he also was involved in the hospitality industry for five years. Peter ended his hospitality career at the San Francisco Marriott as an Event Manager at the largest convention hotel on the west coast.